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Why BNamericas?

We have been connecting clients with trustworthy and timely insights while shaping the development of Latin America for 20 years.

Unique Content

Up-to-the-minute and field-proven industry news – in real time - in English and Spanish.


Constantly looking ahead with in-depth analysis and interviews to help clients better understand the future.

Personalized Delivery, customized dashboards

Define your interests, your content, your needs – we will do the rest. Always on 24/7.

Connected, valuable network

Thousands of influential, Latin American business contacts at your fingertips.

Projects and their development stages; product and service requirements.

4,500 regional projects, notifications of product needs; mobile alerts.

Sales Opportunities

Track projects and companies, build sales pipelines, plan ahead and share with your sales teams regionally.

Ask Us – we will get you the answer!

Access our team of subject matter experts on industries, economics and statistics.

Trusted, award-winning team

20 years of delivering insightful information about the development of Latin America.

Be Connected to where it is happening

Subscribe and access our industry experts, editors, analysts and researchers.

Identifying opportunities early-on and connecting clients with business contacts and decision-makers across 10 industries.

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Projects Profiles

Focusing on developmental stages of projects to identify opportunities for our clients, the BNamericas' Project Profiles include up-and-coming, greenfield, under-construction, redevelopment and historically influential projects in nearly every Latin American country.

Reporters, analysts and researchers are strategically located throughout Latin America to identify opportunities early, connect with local influencers and impart insight into doing business in the region.

Actionable insight

  • Access key contacts in the projects associated to our profiles.
  • Analyze information from shareholders and related subsidiaries.
  • Follow project’s progress, milestone achievements and related news.
  • Evaluate business opportunities, partnerships and investments.
  • Contact and consult our experts, analysts and editors of each industry.

Company Profiles

Focusing on active and emerging companies to identify opportunities for our clients, the BNamericas' Company Profiles include historically influential and up-and-coming companies, including state-run firms, national and international operators, independents, juniors, service providers, suppliers, advisories and investment groups.

Actionable insight

  • Follow prospects and competition in a single click.
  • Generate leads by pinpointing connections in different companies.
  • Connect with BNamerica’s researchers to help you find just the right contact within your target company.

Daily News

Original news content written by our full-time, specialized journalists, BNamericas delivers on the ground and trusted business insight to companies and investors in Latin America.

As a subscriber, you get a complete picture of your sector of interest, allowing you to discover new business opportunities through daily news articles with a boots on the ground perspective.

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See what BNamericas can do for your business with a 15 day free trial.


Understand the markets in which you operate. Monthly Intelligence Series (IS) research reports get to the heart of the most important topics, trends, regulatory and political events, company movements and macro developments impacting your industries. Annual outlooks and client surveys provide a picture of where we are headed so you can start planning early.

The IS reports include insight from the top minds, leaders and CEOs driving the direction of the oil, electric power, mining, infrastructure, financial services and telecom sectors, and are backed up by the most authoritative data and analysis on Latin America there is. It's the essential barometer of business in Latin America.

Actionable insight

  • See both the big picture and the details of what’s happening in your sector of interest.
  • Increase accuracy in decision making.
  • Track government, socio-economic and legal factors.
  • Identify life cycle stages of negotiations, investments, projects and markets.
  • Analyze potential customers and maximize business opportunities.


Get production results, costs, prices, indicators and data from regulators and major companies operating in the region. BNamericas combines thousands of data sets into one useful online report to help clients better understand and identify opportunities in 6 leading sectors in Latin America.

Actionable insight

  • Daily update
  • Forecasts: Data and price projections.
  • Clear comparisons.
  • Unlimited access to key data to identify business and inversion opportunities.
  • Market and key player knowledge.
  • Tailor-made formatting, including excel spreadsheets.
  • Charts and other graphical representation.

Project Risk Analytics

Keep up-to-date with alerts of changes to project status, risk commentaries and news.

Map out the involvement of key contractors and related companies with our contractor analysis tool. Analyse top level unitary costs of projects by country.

Actionable insight

  • Analyze current projects.
  • Improve your planning.
  • Increase the chances of successful delivery.


BNamericas places your content on our platform to enhance your exposure and generate new business opportunities. Improve your exposure by advertising through banners, developing native content, taking part in interviews or getting your message out through our social networks.

You can also take control of your own company profile to promote your company’s products and services using Enhanced Company Profile.

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BNamericas Wire

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Some of our clients & their testimonials

With thousands of clients across the globe, BNamericas delivers timely, trustworthy and actionable insights into business opportunities in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

“I have been using BNamericas’ services for many years at my current company and have used them at my previous employers. I am very pleased with the quality of the BNamericas services and have been using them to keep current on events affecting Financial Institutions in Latin America. BNamericas does not just compile news stories from other providers but also does its own research and makes it easy for subscribers to tailor their needs via notifications, analysis, links to stories and other background information. I would highly recommend their services not just for financial institutions but for corporates, infrastructure project updates and other specialized business niches.”

Robert StollDirector Latin America.
Fitch Ratings Inc.

“I find BNamericas information very interesting and reliable to keep myself updated on the market. The daily newsletter gives me real time news and through the platform access I can see the projects we are working or interested in. The reports gives a good summary on market trends, risk, regulations and top stories. All this through a very easy, intuitive and user friendly platform. I would highly recommend their services to firms investing and growing in LATAM.”

Francisco MessinaGeneral Manager Mining Business Unit.
Komatsu Latin America.

“I am a long term subscriber to BNamericas and have seen it evolve from an industry news service to a comprehensive and reliable business intelligence online platform. The content is original and relevant and their team really knows the sectors. The network of senior executive contacts they have built in Latin America is formidable. SMBC bankwide has come to rely on BNamericas as an invaluable "go to" resource for its daily industry intelligence and its project developments in the region.”

Carl AdamsManaging Director and Head of Latin America Latin America Department.
Americas Division Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

“BNamericas is a key partner that empowers my organization everyday with critical and timely industry information. Their on-the-ground insight and trusted business intelligence allows Aon to identify opportunities across the various industries early on to anticipate our client needs.”

Alejandro MarmorekChief Commercial Officer & AGCN Regional Managing Director.
Aon Risk Solutions Latin America.

“The service we have received from BNamericas has been fully satisfactory. The information and content the platform provides gives us important insights to understand the market and identify where we could have opportunities and how every sector of our interest is performing. This allows us to develop better strategies with a regional vision in order to be more competitive.”

Juan Mario SantosChief Commercial Officer.
AXA Assistance México.

“BNamericas’ reports and analyses provide good intelligence and understanding of market trends across industries in LATAM. The continuous improvement on capabilities has resulted in more accurate and useful information to support GE in the region.”

Marketing Team

“I have been a BNamericas subscriber pretty much since its inception. I have seen it evolve from essentially a segment specific headline news service, to a sophisticated and comprehensive news, data information, analysis and research provider. In our specific areas of interest, mining and construction, BNamericas keeps me and my management team abreast of the latest news in these segments, and helps us identify new business opportunities. I have no hesitation in recommending a subscription to BNamericas for anybody with business interests which fall within the scope covered by BNamericas, as I am sure it will help you identify prospects and increase business, as it has done for us.”

Jeffrey J. DawesPresident & CEO.
Komatsu Latin America.

“BNamericas provides MUFG with the necessary country and industry statistics for our analysis. I liked the intelligence and operator series given that it provides more in-depth analysis of the industries. I would recommend BNamericas because it is a great source of information to complement my analysis.”

Ron Dadina.Director.
Latin America Corporate Banking.

“As an organization that strives to mainstream innovation into all of our work, information, networking, and quality analyses are essential to our day-to-day operations. BNamericas, through both their online business community and their LatAm Leaders Forum, has proven a leader in these areas. This past year, we were able to truly appreciate the value of their sectorial expertise, strong network, and commitment to generating quality content by collaborating around BNamericas’ LatAm Leaders Forum. We hope to continue expanding our knowledge sharing partnership in years to come.”

Bernardo Guillamon.Manager, Office of Outreach and Partnerships.

“I get daily a very useful selection of news in the Mining sector straight into my mailbox. Easy to read. If I need more information on a specific project or company, there are different means to access additional information, be it under the project page or through the history of news showing up on typing a specific key word. I also like very much the special reports about certain topics, that come along with additional background info, statistics, business leaders opinions and helpful outlook data. I recommend BNamericas for anyone who wants to follow market activities in Latin America. It is really complementary and not redundant to other Business Intelligent services about projects and companies.”

Daniel Sager.Area Sales Manager.

“I had necessity to be updated about the energy market and, in particular, hydroelectric market in South and Center America, mainly because we are an Italian company. BNamericas helps us to have all information related to our job taking advance in all the features on the platform. I would recommend it, but definitely not to our competitors.”

Stefano ScarpaChief Executive Officer &
Managing Director.
S.T.E. Energy S.P.A.

“I have been using BNamerica’s services for many years. I have found it very useful to monitor the activity in the region and contributed to make better and informed business decisions. BNamericas provides quality and easy to read information, in addition to highlight the good research behind the information that permits the subscribers to better track the dynamic of the different markets and regions. I would highly recommend the services”

Juan Ignacio RubioloPresident and CEO.
AES Mexico.

“BNamericas can be relied upon to deliver pertinent, well-curated information that fits seamlessly into the daily routine. The industry news and business intelligence are presented in a format that is easy to take in at a glance, and they help keep me well-informed.”

Daniel Malchuk.President Operations Minerals Americas.
BHP Billiton.

“I consider Business News Americas a great source of business information and a must read for business executives in Latin America. I consult it often, to keep up with news, business intelligence, data, and reports from the region. I especially value BNamericas‘ editorial objectivity and comprehensive industry focus. At SAP, industry knowledge is crucial to our business, and BNamericas offers the right combination of insight and news coverage.”

Claudio Muruzabal.President.
SAP Latin America & Caribbean.

“In Aggreko we have been using BNamericas' services for 3 years. Our team gets a great value from their news, data, projects and company profiles. The information shared on this site has helped our sales managers keep track of important facts and events they need to pursue their goals. It’s a great way to keep everyone well-informed about the countries they cover."

Isabel Blanch.Marketing Research Analyst, Latin America.

"We hired the BNamericas service when we decided to launch operations in Latin America, as the market intelligence we had at our disposal back then was minimal. BNamericas allowed us to quickly create a database of projects that we used for a strategic development plan in the region, and set commercial priorities by country and market. The service’s notification and search system is very efficient and easy to use. It lets us stay informed in real time about the critical stages of the projects, and identify new opportunities with a few clicks."

Dimitri Laurent.Sales Manager Latin America.
Geocean Entrepose.

“In my professional practice as a energy lawyer for an international law firm as Garrigues, and at the same time as Professor of Energy Law, it is very useful to have a complete and updated information service as provided by BnAmericas. I particularly emphasize the possibility of finding in one place all the information on energy, construction and infrastructure, both nationally and internationally, without having to constantly resort to various press, which allows me to keep informed and enough time to work. Likewise, BnAmericas stands out for having first class professionals who know, understand and explain in a simple, complete and didactic way the news of the main economic items. The latter I appreciate in a special way since it allows me to share this information with my students and thus to collaborate in their learning process.”

Francisco Irarrazaval A.Associate lawyer.

“I have been a BNamericas subscriber for over 5 years. The news and analysis have provided me with timely news and information on key sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean that are our target market. Their services can be tailor made to your needs. Also I have participated in many of their conferences, as a Speaker and as an attendee. Their events gather key stakeholders, especially in energy and infrastructure. I would highly recommend their services”

Rodrigo J. Navas.Principal Investment Officer Manufacturing.
Inter-American Investment Corporation.

“BNamericas, led by Greg Barton, provides a high quality and unique service to business and to the region. In this age of hiper volumes and diversity of information, it surprisingly and professionally manages to find, develop and present key pieces of news about business, political environments and life in Latin America. I have known Greg from the start of BNamericas and instead of becoming stale it has flourished and grown in depth as well as in its breadth. Congratulations to the great team of journalists that make a miracle possible in helping us focus on the right news and the right issues as we endeavor to go about making the best of our time and efforts count everyday. Un abrazo para todos”

José Antonio Ríos.Chief Executive Officer.

"BNamericas informs us in a timely manner about the activities of mining companies, and provides analysis reports on trends and business opportunities in the mining sector. It also has information on mining companies and projects not only in Mexico, which is our area of interest, but also other important countries in the mining industry. We’re very pleased with BNamericas’ continuous technological upgrades, which lets the users reap more benefits from this valuable daily business tool in today’s global economy. That is why we recognize the value that BNamericas brings to the different actors in the national and international mining industry."

Julián Islas Vizuet.Head of Mining Economy.
Mexican Geology Service.

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